What? I am learning about our new literacy programme.

So what? My reading teacher is Mr rule i go to his room every Monday and Wednesday and i go to the sml room every Tuesday and Thursday.  

Now what? My next step is to work on my goal of : nderstand and organise, or order text.

multicultural week

I learned about different countries and cultures

So What?
I was learning about china and how to use chopsticks

Now What
to learn a bit more about different countries

Athletics day

I am learning different athletics skills.

I learned in shot put you can't get the ball from the front.

I achieved my goal  because I tried my hardest to not go in the front. 

Next time I will try really hard to push the shot put hard.    


WALT:Pass, kick and catch large balls.

I learned how to throw a basketball.

Here is a example of my learning you make a w with your hands.

Next time I will remember to throw a basketball from my chest


WALT: create a mosaic picture using pastel and Indian Ink.

I learned how to blend really well

Here is an example of my learning, I did well with my chalk

Next time I will remember to press harder on the pastels.

My Mihi

WALT: Introduce ourselves in Maori.

I learned to pronounce teacher and principal in Maori.

My best sentence is E waru aku tau.

I achieved my goal because I can say the words properly.

My next step is to learn my mihi of by heart.


WALT:understand and use new vocabulary

I learned that I could work out a new word means.

I achieved my goal because I used a dictionary to find some words.

Next time I will remember to use a dictionary

Kauri Year 4/5 Goal Setting

has just shared this Viewable by link Google Document with you:Ben

Learning to Blog

WALT add a post to our own blog.

This is one way I will be sharing my learning this year.

My next step with blogging is to log in right by myself.

Test Post

I am learning to add a post to my blog.